Master Planning

Diagram Architects brings your ideas to life with a bespoke, people-focused and comprehensive approach to architecture.

Sometimes our clients divide their building projects up into several smaller stages, or want to plan ahead to be sure their building can adapt as their needs change.  They want a long-term plan for their home or workspace, so that future renovations or additions can be built without undoing or clashing with work that has already been completed.

We specialise in preparing multi-stage design plans, or masterplans, for clients who want to take a longer-term view of their home or business premises..

We’ll meet with you and help you prepare predictions about your future needs and circumstances, and how your home or business workplace can adapt to them.  We use these forecasts to design and cost two or more design stages, with the flexibility to allow for future developments..

Sometimes our clients want to stage their building works because they need to match savings or cashflow over time.

Sometimes works are staged to allow homeowners or businesses to remain on site while building is progressing.

Some clients want to be sure that their ‘forever’ home has the flexibility to adapt to growing or shrinking families, or changes in health and mobility; or that their business workplace is ready to adapt to growth.

We’re excited that people are thinking about the buildings they inhabit in a longer-term way.  Planning ahead like this is efficient; it saves money, time and building materials over the lifetime of a building.